Fattorie Cremona members produce high quality milk every day because the animals are fed correctly and bred with the best techniques. For this reason, the attention for the animals has always been a constant commitment of all our farmers.



In order to further improve this aspect and to highlight what the farmers have done in terms of animal welfare, our cooperative started in 2018 an assessment process aimed at the certification of all the farms of our members


This improvement made possible to certify all our farms in 2019 by the CSQA, a third-party certification body, that assesses animal welfare in a detached manner, following the criteria of the National Reference Centre for Animal Welfare of the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Lombardy and Emilia Romagna, Brescia section, i.e. the scientific authority delegated to provide scientific support to the competent authorities upon their request.



In this way, all farms are examined using indicators that assess the animal welfare at the farm by verifying not only their present conditions but also the facilities, equipment and general management of the farm.


Since 2020, Fattorie Cremona has extended the scope of its inspections by following the criteria dictated by ClassyFarm, a computerized system put in place by the Italian Ministry of Health that allows the categorization of the cattle.


2020 Classyfarm

Classyfarm allows the collection and processing of data related to different areas of assessment including animal welfare, biosecurity, i.e. all the measures that the farmer must take to prevent the development of infectious diseases (precautions for animals, people and vehicles moving within the barn), the use of antibiotics and verification of antibiotic resistance. 


In order to keep the focus on this aspect and to push members to further improve animal welfare conditions, 

Fattorie Cremona has introduced an incentive system of differentiated payment for the milk according to the score the farms achieved.