Grana Padano

Fattorie Cremona is one of the most important producers of Grana Padano. The entire supply chain is verified at all stages: selection of the fodder, feeding and care of the cattle, milking, milk processing and ageing in its own warehouses. The result is a product extraordinarily good and appreciated for the consistency of its high quality standards.

Latte Freschissimo


Unlike most companies, Fattorie Cremona produces its Grana Padano twice a day with two separate processes. In this way, the milk is not refrigerated and stored for many hours at the farms, but collected a few hours after milking. 

This allows the milk enzymes to develop properly, providing a unique “heritage” which gives our cheese its distinguishing taste. 

The result is a Grana Padano with delicate but richer aroma and flavor, compared to another Grana Padano of the same age.


The presence of enzymes not only determines the flavor of the cheese but also improves its nutritional characteristics, making it more digestible and fast absorbable. In fact, enzymes break down proteins into free aminoacids which make the cheese particularly suitable for those who need to consume energy in a short time by stimulating the activity of the digestive enzymes. For this reason it is an excellent food for children and a valuable part of a diet for expecting moms.

It is also suitable for elderly people, thanks to the minerals it contains, valuable for the health of bones, muscles and cells, and for those who want to keep fit.

Proprietà Uniche
low fats


Grana Padano Fattorie Cremona also disproves the cliché that cheeses only contain saturated fats. In fact, our cheese contains more than 40% unsaturated fats, which are considered the best for the human being, together with some saturated fats; therefore, the average cholesterol content in 50 grams of Grana Padano Fattorie Cremona is just 70 milligrams.


Provolone Fattorie Cremona is a semi-hard stretched curd cheese, exclusively prepared with whole milk produced by our farmers’ cows.

Fatto a Mano


After acidification, obtained thanks to our natural whey starter, the curd is dipped in hot water to be stretched and shaped. Provolone Fattorie Cremona is put in molds by hand by the cheese-makers and put in brine. After an accurate maturation in warehouses with controlled temperature and humidity, a unique cheese is ready for the market, slightly cracked and soft, with a typical aroma and a particular acidity. A cheese for true connoisseurs.


The selection of rennet requires special attention. To produce a Sharp Provolone we use lamb rennet from Sardinia, while for a Mild Provolone we use calf rennet. In order to obtain the unique and characteristic taste of the iconic Provolone Fattorie Cremona, the ingredients are always the same: fresh milk from our farms located within 70 km from the cheese plant, skilled cheesemakers and the right and proper ageing time.