Ricette » Salad with Provola cheese and grilled vegetables
Salad with Provola cheese and grilled vegetables

Salad with Provola cheese and grilled vegetables


To prepare the salad with provolone cheese and grilled vegetables, wash all the vegetables under plenty of fresh running water and dry them. Cut the courgettes and aubergines into 4-5 mm thick rounds; take the peppers, remove the top, cut them in half and then remove the white filaments and seeds with a knife. Cut them into slices, then into fairly large cubes and set aside. Remove the stalks from the tomatoes and cut them into 4-5 mm rounds. When the grill is hot, cook the vegetables a little at a time: arrange the peppers in chunks next to each other, grilling them for 5 minutes and turning them with kitchen tongs to cook evenly, then place the courgettes in rounds on the heat for 3 minutes and continue with the aubergines for another 3 minutes. Remember to always turn the vegetables over for even cooking. Finally finish with the tomatoes, cooking them for 4 minutes until well grilled. Take the Provola Fattorie Cremona and cut it into triangles. Now arrange the mixed salad on a serving plate together with the vegetables, season with salt and pepper and olive oil and place the cut Provola on top. Finally you can serve and enjoy your salad with Provola and grilled vegetables.

300 gr of courgettes
450 gr of aubergines
425 gr of red peppers
425 gr of yellow peppers
300 gr of Fattorie Cremona smoked Provolone cheese
150 gr of salad
black pepper
40 gr of extra virgin olive oil