The fertile countryside around Cremona, a complex world economic context and 19 courageous breeders who decide to associate. It was 1933 when the story of PLAC began. A cooperative that was born from the desire to share skills and resources in order to face difficulties together.

The collection of the milk provided by each farmer gave new strength and the possibility to produce the excellent products of the territory independently: Grana Padano, Provolone and Butter.

A search made up of many daily commitments: the care for the control of the supply chain, the passion for a territory with an exceptional microclimate for the production and maturing of cheeses, the respect for artisan traditions handed down from generation to generation. 

The history of PLAC is the history of the people who build it every day. Faces, gestures, ideas. Members that increase over the decades. Through the various eras, many years lived growing and changing, always faithful to its identity.