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Fattorie Cremona butter is of high quality thanks to the excellent raw material. In fact, it is obtained exclusively from fresh, concentrated and pasteurized cream. After a period of maturation, preparation and packaging in the classic block shape take place. Fattorie Cremona butter is pure, soft and delicate. Ideal in the kitchen, for desserts and first courses, it expresses its distinctive characteristics when used raw for tasty aperitifs or for a complete breakfast. To face the day in the best possible way.

Name productWeightPiece/KgPieces cartonsCartons PalletShelf Life
Burro PanettoFixed250 gr20100120
Fixed1 kg1070120


Discover the freshness and quality of Fattorie Cremona butter and mascarpone.

Box | Freschi Mascarpone

Fattorie Cremona mascarpone is a fresh cheese obtained from the processing of very fresh and high quality cream.