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Mini Snack


The latest product added to the fixed-weight pre-packaged range, is Grana Padano 20g vacuum packed, this is the ideal portion for a kid snack, a quick and nutritious snack, often available in the menus of schools and hospitals and a perfect portion in the trays of airline companies. Available in single or multiple packs on the net, it is particularly versatile and convenient, thanks to the easy opening packaging.

Product NameWeightPiece/KgPieces cartonCartons PalletShelf Life
Mini snack20gFixed100105150 days


Fattorie Cremona is the fourth producer of Grana Padano in Italy, with the registration numbers CR106 and MN405. The careful selection of fodder and livestock, the strict control of all the production phases and the care during the maturation in its warehouses, lead to a Grana Padano of very high sensorial quality.

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Sensitive to market and consumer demands, Fattorie Cremona also offers pre-grated Grana Padano.

grana padana portion

Fattorie Cremona, careful to market and consumer requests, also offers Grana Padano already portioned.

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The high quality of Grana Padano Fattorie Cremona, distinguished by the production/registration number “CR 106” and “MN 405”, is guaranteed by the brand of the Grana Padano Protection Consortium.