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Fattorie Cremona ranks among the most important producers of Grana Padano. The supervision of the entire supply chain, through the control of all the production phases, from the selection to the feeding of the cattle, to the processing of the milk to the ageing in its warehouses, leads to a product appreciated in the market for its high quality standards. Fattorie Cremona, careful to market and consumer requests, also offers Grana Padano already portioned in smaller pieces of less than 1 kg, random and fixed weights, ready for self-service and over 1 kg particularly requested by Normal Trade and Cash & Carry. All the packages in the range are vacuum-sealed, practical, safe and with a longer shelf life: they represent a convenient alternative to fresh-cut portion, meeting the current needs of the Modern Distribution counters and guaranteeing the freshness of the product for a long time, combined with easy storage. All products included in the portioned range of Grana Padano Fattorie Cremona are strictly selected.

Product Name
WeightPiece/KgPieces cartonCartons PalletShelf Life
Vacuum-packed portion
Variable1/2 19kg216150
Variable1/4 9,5kg420150
Variabile1/8 4,5kg272150
Variabile1/16 2,3kg472150


Fattorie Cremona is the fourth producer of Grana Padano in Italy, with the registration numbers CR106 and MN405. The careful selection of fodder and livestock, the strict control of all the production phases and the care during the maturation in its warehouses, lead to a Grana Padano of very high sensorial quality.

mini snack

All the incredible nutritional properties of our Grana Padano PDO concentrated in a small, tasty and healthy snack.

Box | Grana Forme Intere

The high quality of Grana Padano Fattorie Cremona, distinguished by the production/registration number “CR 106” and “MN 405”, is guaranteed by the brand of the Grana Padano Protection Consortium.

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Sensitive to market and consumer demands, Fattorie Cremona also offers pre-grated Grana Padano.