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Fattorie Cremona ranks among the most important producers of Grana Padano. The supervision of the entire supply chain, through the control of all the production phases, from the selection to the feeding of the cattle, to the milk processing till the ageing in its own warehouses, leads to a product appreciated on the market for its high quality standards, fully traceable.

A strong point of Fattorie Cremona Grana Padano is the milk, which is processed as soon as it is collected from the members at their farms. Furthermore, the use of production processes assisted by the most modern technologies but in full respect of tradition and the careful ageing of the forms, allow to obtain a product with an intense and soft flavor and exceptional nutritional properties, able to satisfy the most attentive and demanding palates and in line with modern food lifestyles that require good, light and easily digestible foods. The high quality of Fattorie Cremona Grana Padano, identified by the registration numbers “CR 106” and “MN 405”, is guaranteed by Grana Padano Protection Consortium.

Product NameWeightPiece/KgPieces/CartonCartons palletShelf Life
Grana Padano Whole forms –
CR 106
Variable38 Kg1251095
Grana Padano Whole forms – MN 405Variable38 Kg1251095


Fattorie Cremona is the fourth producer of Grana Padano in Italy, with the registration numbers CR106 and MN405. The careful selection of fodder and livestock, the strict control of all the production phases and the care during the maturation in its warehouses, lead to a Grana Padano of very high sensorial quality.

Box | Grana Minisnack

All the incredible nutritional properties of our Grana Padano PDO concentrated in a small, tasty and healthy snack.

Box | Grana Porzionato

Sensitive to market and consumer demands, Fattorie Cremona also offers pre-grated Grana Padano.

Box | Grana Scaglie

Sensitive to market and consumer demands, Fattorie Cremona also offers pre-grated Grana Padano.