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Mild Provola

Mild Provola


Good, tasty and made with 100% Italian milk. This is Fattorie Cremona Mild Provola, in a new microwavablerrady package.
88 years of taste… in 1 minute.
Let yourself be conquered by the fresh and delicate flavor of the new mild Provola. Good and naturally lactose-free, it is ready to use in its new smart package suitable for microwave. An appetizing and healthy opportunity to enjoy it grilled!

Product name Weight Piece/Kg Pieces/Carton Cartons pallet Shelf Life
Mild Provola 150g Fixed weight 20 200 150 days


Discover the freshness and quality of Fattorie Cremona butter and mascarpone.

Box | Provolina

Vacuum-packed genuineness and authenticity.