Dettaglio | Provolina



Discover the creamy taste of the new Provolina. The master cheesemakers at Fattorie Cremona prepare it, still
by hand, only with the freshest milk of our farmers.
Naturally free of lactose and without added preservatives, Provolina stands out for its soft texture and delicate
flavor. The convenient vacuum packaging keeps unaltered the real genuine taste of the milk.
You can enjoy it alone, with fresh vegetables or as a delicious ingredient in many recipes.

Product nameWeightPiece/KgPieces/CartonCartons palletShelf Life
Provolina600gFixed weight1248150 days


Discover the freshness and quality of Fattorie Cremona butter and mascarpone.

Mild Provola

88 years of taste… in 1 minute.