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Sharp shapes


Provolone Fattorie Cremona is a typical product of the Italian dairy tradition. It is a semi-hard stretched curd cheese. It is produced exclusively with whole cow’s milk from the members of the coop. After natural acidification, the curd is stretched and formed. The verified Supply Chain Certification guarantees the control of all the elements that contribute to the final success of the product right from the feeding of the animals intended for milk production in compliance with complete traceability.

Pancetta is the most classic form of provolone and Fattorie Cremona range is rich and complete: from large formats that require several months of maturation, to small ones with shorter maturation. Provolone Fattorie Cremona Sharp provolone with strong rennet (kid, lamb), is characterized by an excellent peeling (cracks in the structure) and has a strong and characteristic flavor, for true connoisseurs. The characteristic truncated cone called Gigantino stands out among the formats.

Product name Weight Piece/Kg Pieces carton Cartons Pallet Shelf Life
Sharp Pancetta Provolone Variable 6 Kg 2 36 180
Variable Vacuum packed 6 Kg 2 36 150
Variable 25 Kg 1 15 270
Variable 33 Kg 1 15 270
Variable 44 Kg 1 15 270
Variable 60 Kg 1 12 270
Sharp Gigantino Provolone Variable 25 Kg 1 25 270
Sharp Mandarino Provolone Variable 25 Kg 1 24 270


Fattorie Cremona Provolone is representative of the Italian dairy tradition. Expert cheesemakers prepare it exclusively with whole milk collected from the members of the cooperative. It stands out for its slightly flaky and soft pastry, and for its typical aroma.

Box | Provolone Piccoli

Provoletta, Salamino and Provolina. It is the small-sized whole products that represent Provolone Fattorie Cremona small range.

Box | Provolone Dolce Forme

Fattorie Cremona mild provolone is distinguished by its compact and soft structure, which stands out for its light and delicate flavor.

Box | Provolone Dolce Porzione

Discover all the formats of our Mild Provolone. From half cylinder to “Rueda”.

Box | Provolone Piccante Porzione

Discover all the formats of our Sharp Provolone. From the triangle to the half-moon shape.

Box | Provolone Fiaschetti

The story tells that a Prior, returning from Spain, stayed for a few months in the Monastery of Cremona.

Box | Provolone Sigillo Rosso

Sigillo Rosso 1933 is the name assigned the best Provolone of Fattorie Cremona, an exclusive collection that has been renewed and improved year after year, for more than eighty-eight years. A very high quality product that represents the synthesis of values, knowledge, tradition and cooperative spirit.