sigillo rosso

Sigillo Rosso


Sigillo Rosso 1933 is the name assigned the best Provolone of Fattorie Cremona, an exclusive collection that has been renewed and improved year after year, for more than eighty-eight years. A very high quality product that represents the synthesis of values, knowledge, tradition and cooperative spirit.

SPECIAL AND SELF-PRODUCED WHEY.  The whey is the product from the culture of native lactic ferments from the selected processing of the previous day.

MANUAL SPINNING AND FORMING ONLY. Fattorie Cremona master cheesemakers are the most faithful interpreters of the ancient tradition of artisanal spinning and molding, carried out strictly by hand. A tradition that not only allows us to make the most complex shape of provolone, but to maintain constant control of the quality of the product in these crucial processing stages.

LONG SEASONING. Fattorie Cremona maturation rooms have the optimal thermo-hygrometric conditions for the development of the enzymatic reactions that allow Provolone to age and fully develop their organoleptic profile.

MAXIMUM RECOGNITION OF QUALITY. If the eye is also important, the new graphic design of this selection of provolone contributes to the recognition of Fattorie Cremona 1933 quality. A certified choice for those who buy it.

Nome prodottoPesoUnità/KgPezzi cartoneCartoni PalletShelf Life
Provolone Piccante Spicchio SottovuotoFisso250 gr1890150
Provolone Piccante 1/2 Cilindro SottovuotoVariabile5 Kg256150
Provolone Piccante MandarinoVariabile25 Kg124270
Provolone Piccante PancettaVariabile60 Kg112270


Fattorie Cremona Provolone is representative of the Italian dairy tradition. Expert cheesemakers prepare it exclusively with whole milk collected from the members of the cooperative. It stands out for its slightly flaky and soft pastry, and for its typical aroma.

Box | Provolone Piccoli

Provoletta, Salamino e Provolina. Sono i prodotti interi di piccola pezzatura che contraddistinguono la gamma del Provolone Fattorie Cremona Piccoli.

Box | Provolone Dolce Forme

Fattorie Cremona mild provolone is distinguished by its compact and soft structure, which stands out for its light and delicate flavor.

Box | Provolone Piccante Forme

The typical sharpness and the slightly flaky texture. Our sharp Provolone is available in various formats, from the classic pancetta to 25 kg mandarino shape.

Box | Provolone Dolce Porzione

Discover all the formats of our Mild Provolone. From half cylinder to “Rueda”.

provolone piccante

Discover all the formats of our Sharp Provolone. From the triangle to the half-moon shape.

Box | Provolone Fiaschetti

The story tells that a Prior, returning from Spain, stayed for a few months in the Monastery of Cremona.